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How do I choose options and colors?

You will choose options, colors, accessories, and protection products with the selling dealer before placing a final order for the vehicle.

What is the selling price?

The selling price will be based on the specific vehicle you order, which colors, options, and protection packages you choose, and if you choose to finance or lease. Incentives will also be taken into account – federal, local, and regional incentives as well as financial incentives from the manufacturer. The selling dealer will work together with you to arrive at a final price.

Am I ordering this vehicle directly from the manufacturer?

You will be completing your pre-order with a dealership, who will submit your order to the manufacturer on your behalf.

Can I select any dealer?

When you submit a pre-order, GreenCars will try to connect you to a dealer close to you that represents the brand you are interested in. GreenCars is partnered with Lithia & Driveway, which owns over 250 dealerships across the U.S., representing almost all automotive brands. You can, of course, choose to speak with another dealership independently.

How long until I take delivery?

Depending on when the vehicle you’re interested in will enter production, the process from submitting an order to taking delivery of the vehicle can take anywhere from several weeks to over one year.Your selling dealer will be able to provide more information on the exact timing.

What steps are required to complete an order?

Once you have submitted your pre-order request to GreenCars, you will be contacted by a store in your area that can gather the details needed to order the car, and take a financial deposit. At this stage, you should also be able to choose the vehicle color, trim, and option packages, as well as any protection and insurance products. The selling dealer will also be able to discuss financing, leasing, or other purchasing options.