Electric Car Charging Tips

March 4, 2021

Simple Electric Car Charging Tips

When a gasoline-powered car needs fuel, you just stop at a gas station and fill ‘er up. But the advent of electric cars brings along a whole new world of charging up your car. Naturally, you want to take proper care of your EV’s batteries and make sure your battery life is a long one. A new electric car with a range of 250 miles is expected to have a 150 to 200 mile range after 12 years of service. So while EV batteries do degrade over time they will probably outlast the life of your car.

We are all accustomed to using lithium-ion batteries in our cell phones and laptops, and many of the charging tips that pertain to them are just as true for your electric car batteries. All lithium-ion batteries experience some level of degradation over time and losses of capacity can impact your driving range. Luckily, there are ways to get the most out of your EV’s batteries with our electric car charging tips.

Slow down

Driving slower will conserve energy used from your battery. The faster you drive, the quicker you’ll run down your charge. Over time, taking your time and keeping off the accelerator will increase your battery life.

Don’t charge to the max

With lithium-ion batteries, it’s best to charge to around 80% rather than to a full charge. Not charging fully allows space for regenerative braking to convert kinetic energy into usable energy if there’s enough space in your battery.

Storage time

If you have plans to be out of town and your electric car is just sitting in the garage, leave your car plugged in but set the charge at around 50% so it won’t overcharge while you’re away.

Keep it cool

When parking on a hot day, find a shady spot because electric car batteries hate extreme heat! This will prevent your battery from overheating and draining your charge. Plus, put your battery on charge while its parked to keep it from draining.

Search your route

If driving beyond your charge capacity, search ahead of time for available charging stations. To locate charging stations nationwide, check the GreenCars Charging Station Map to find one along your driving route.

Limit quick charging

Using quick charge on your EV battery is a great way to get a charge fast, but every time you use quick charge, it takes a little life away from the battery, especially in extreme cold. Reducing quick charging will add battery life in the long run.

Avoid deep discharging

If you let your EV battery discharge completely before recharging, it can reduce overall battery life. If your battery dips down near the 30% mark, you need to charge it, so it won’t get any lower.

Time your charge

Most people plug their EV battery in at night, so it can charge while they sleep. This is an ideal time to charge, but you need to make sure it isn’t on the charger for too long. If your charger has a timer, set it to shut off at least an hour or two before you plan to leave your house in the morning.