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Mercedes' EQA Crossover Goes Electric

October 19, 2021

Mercedes EQA Crossover is Coming

Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz is dedicated to going electric. “In general, environmental regulation over the last decade has driven the industry,” says Mercedes chairman Ola Källenius. “I think we have also come to a point, and this is certainly true for Mercedes-Benz and Daimler as a whole, that we have mentally flipped a switch. We know the long-term future needs to be CO2-free, offering CO2 neutral-mobility.”

EV Auto Architects

Källenius addressed the automotive press at the unveiling of the company’s futuristic Vision AVTR concept car in early 2021. The Vision is seen as a champion for the big changes coming to the company. As the chairman of Mercedes sees it, automakers face a choice today and he intends to drive the venerable car company into a future of cleaner mobility as “one of the architects.” The launch of Mercedes new EQA all-electric compact crossover is certainly part of that plan.

While Mercedes-Benz will continue to produce gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles for the near future, new plug-in hybrid and all-electric models are coming soon. The EQA electric SUV rolled out in Europe last year but the automaker needed to ramp up production and add additional battery lines in order to bring the small crossover to America. “The U.S. is one market but it is also many markets, of course. Källenius says. “You have little ecosystems like Silicon Valley where you have a bunch of early adopters. I think the EV market is moving out of that first phase toward more mainstream demand.”

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Enter the EQA Crossover

Following on the heels of the EQC all-electric crossover that is available in Europe, the EQA is ready to roll out in American showrooms in 2022. It is the all-electric equivalent of Mercedes’ gasoline-powered subcompact GLA crossover. The EQA is smaller than Tesla’s Model Y but more luxurious. In fact, it is closer in stance to the Jaguar I-Pace but will lack the speed and prowess of the Jag.

Staged for launch, the EQA250 is a front-wheel drive, one electric motor SUV offering 188 horsepower with a 66.5-kWh battery pack. That motor generates 276 pound feet of torque which will take you from zero to 60 mph in about eight seconds. Mercedes tells us that the four door mini SUV has a range of 298 miles between charges, certainly stout enough for American driving tastes. Trim extension plans include a dual motor all-wheel drive variant boasting 268 horsepower and improved range. Top speed is an electronically limited 99 miles per hour.

Inside the EQA, expect a cabin that is very similar to the current GLA model. You’ll find five plush seats and decent cargo room in the back, enough to fit five or six carry-on suitcases. However, with the back seats folded and stowed away, you can fit as many as 16 carry-ons behind the driver. As for infotainment, Mercedes will utilize its latest MBUX system including an advanced touchscreen, voice command, and controls on the steering wheel for setting audio, navigation and more.

Starting MSRP for the EQA crossover is said to be around $57,000. Also keep an eye out for the exciting new Mercedes EQS luxury electric four-door sedan to arrive later in 2022. The EQS is poised to give Tesla a run for its money. As we get closer to launch dates, you’ll find the entire EQ line on the GreenCars Marketplace powered by Driveway

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