Electric Cars

Is an Electric Car Right for You?

Is an Electric Car is Right for You? Let's Find Out

You may be interested in the gas savings, lowered emissions or the advanced technology of an electric car, but there are certain things to consider before you can be certain one will work for you lifestyle. In this guide, we provide those considerations and details to help you feel confident in your decision to go electric.

Your Daily Driving

One of the most important things an electric car driver must consider is range. It's important to know how many miles per day you typically drive and whether you’ll need to stop off and charge to go the distance. Many EVs on the market now have up to between a 100- and 200-mile range, so those who drive within a 30-mile radius of their home each day will have no issues.

Also consider if your electric car will be your primary vehicle. Some two-car families find a perfect balance with a traditional car and an electric car, as they can utilize the gasoline-powered model on long road trips or vacations.

Road-Trip Alternatives

If you don’t have the budget or the desire for a second vehicle, there are other eco-friendly alternatives to use for long trips instead:

Rental Cars: If you only go on a long road trip every other month or less, it may make sense to just rent a gas-powered vehicle for those occasions. Some find that is a reassuring option also because they know the vehicles have had all their scheduled maintenance and are ready for the road. Then you have your electric car for your daily commute and everything else.

Ridesharing: Ridesharing.com and similar sites offer platforms where you can post when and where you are going then coordinate a carpool to your long-distance destination.

Public Transport: Many people love using trains, buses or other public transport options for longer trips. Rather than focusing on the road, you can kick back, read, relax and nap.

Consider Your Living Situation

If you rent, you’ll need to see whether there is an electric car charging station on your rental property premises. If not, you’ll need find the charging stations near you or along your daily route. Check out our electric car charging station map or download an app like PlugStar to find the electric car charging stations in your area. If you own your home, consider installing at-home charging station. This is a great option for many EV owners and, in addition to the convenience, ends up saving you money in the long run.

Upfront Cost with Long-Term Reward

Electric vehicles can have a higher upfront price tag (though tax credits and incentives may offset this), but the savings come in over the longer term with lowered maintenance and zero gasoline costs. Are you okay with spending more upfront or on monthly lease payments but then knowing it’ll come back to you over time?

According to energy.gov, on average it costs about half as much to drive an electric vehicle when just taking into consideration energy costs (gas vs. electricity). When you factor in reduced maintenance costs as well, the savings are even greater.

Level of Environmental Consciousness

For some, any challenges presented by the above can be overcome, because their dedication to doing their part and reducing their individual footprint is more important than minor inconveniences. If that’s you, then you can rest assured that an electric car is is better for the environment and is the right choice.

So, are You an EVD? (Electric Vehicle Driver)

If you got to the end of this and your insides are screaming, “Yes, an electric car is for me!” welcome to the world of electrified driving. You are an EVD and now get to do the fun part and find the best electric car for you.