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Longest Range Non-Tesla Electric Cars

August 16, 2021

Longest Range Non-Tesla Electric Cars

Let’s start by asking a simple question. How many times have you run out of gas in your car? Generally, unless you have a broken fuel gauge, this is something that very rarely happens to most people. Yet “range anxiety” is something top of mind for many people considering an electric car. What’s surprising, though, is this worry quickly disappears when the car’s range between charges is perceived to be adequate. Here’s another question. How much range is enough? What about when you can charge your car overnight, just like your smartphone?

According to a recent survey by Castrol Oil, most consumers think a range of 291 miles is more than sufficient and anything over 240 is adequate. After all, how many miles do you really drive on average per day? Still, a vehicle’s driving range is something that we all consider when looking at EVs. With that in mind, we present our list of the longest range electric cars that are not Teslas. Why leave out Elon Musk’s wünder autos? Mainly because, though all Tesla models have a range of over 300 miles, they are still out of the cost range of most Americans, have limited access to dealerships for service, and rely on their own charging network to some degree.

Selection Criteria: Most Range by Class

What awaits you here is GreenCars' selection of the five best quality SUVs, crossover hatchbacks and slick sedans that offer the most range in their classes. All of these vehicles are based on EPA-estimates and we’ll present them from the most amount of range, to the least for your perusal. Also keep in mind that we are listing MSRP prices before the various rebates, federal tax credit and local refunds that are available. In some cases, the drive-away cost of these EVs could be as much as $9,000 less expensive than the figures listed.

The vehicles seen here are all on sale now. New models of high range champions will be appearing in the near future and we’ll keep you up to date as they become available. For more information, you’ll find all of these electric cars and more on the GreenCars Marketplace powered by Driveway.

2021 Chevy Bolt

MSRP $36,500.

Driving range: 259 miles

The quick and fun to drive Bolt takes you 259 miles between charges. Includes in-car Wi-Fi as well as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and brake assist. The Bolt received the NHTSA’s five-star rating for both overall vehicle score and safety. Plus, Chevy is offering special incentives to save you $9,133 below MSRP.


2021 Hyundai Kona Electric

MSRP $37,390.

Driving range: 258 miles

The Kona is a 5-seater all-electric SUV with a 258-mile range. Plenty of tech and safety features including forward collision warning, lane keep assist, front heated seats, blind spot system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. All the versatility of an SUV with the innovation of a tech smart EV.


2020 Kia Niro EV

MSRP $39,090.

Driving range: 239 miles

The roomy Kia crossover SUV is fun to drive and gets 239 miles on a charge.

The Niro includes UVO link that syncs your Kia with your smartphone for charging schedules, remote commands and to find charging stations. Available with smart cruise control, distance control and more.


2020 Jaguar I-Pace

Driving range: 234 miles

MSRP $69,850.

This elegant and luxurious all-electric sport-utility delivers 234 miles of driving range in a racy package. The handling is sharp, the ride superbly controlled, and there’s plenty of power when you press down on the accelerator. It drives more like a sports car than a five-seater crossover.


2021 Nissan Leaf Plus

Driving range: 226 miles

MSRP $38,220.

The Leaf offers great value in a 5-seater sedan. The second-generation Leaf comes in two trim levels with 149 miles of range for the Standard Leaf and 226 miles for the Leaf Plus. Includes NissanConnect EV Navigation, lane keep assist, blind spot system, brake assist, Bluetooth and backup camera.